Golden Hour Mask


25g / 25g*5ea(1Box) / 5 types



 This is a colored mask sheet that can give you a customized solution based on your skin concerns. It allows you to focus on intensive care before the golden time passes, so your skin condition can recover faster.

The colored sheet is made with melted raw materials and the synergies of the active ingredients of essence make your skin care more effective, and the Allergen-Free aspects (non-allergic fragrance) make it safe for use, even with sensitive skin.

- Green-tea soothing : stimulated skin soothing, rich moisturizing

- Camellia firming: reinforcing skin elasticity, powerful antioxidant effect

- High moisture of shea butter: deep moisturizing, clear and clean skin

- Sunflower brightening: clear, bright skin tone, luminous skin

- Charcoal pore care: cleaning waste pores, improving oil and water balance



- Green-tea soothing: green tea extract, avocado extract, broccoli extract

- Camellia firming: camellia extract, Jeju camellia oil, cherry blossom extract

- High moisture of shea butter: shea butter, rice extract, sparassis crispa extract

- Sunflower brightening: Sunflower oil, Lemon extract, evening primrose oil

- Charcoal pore care: charcoal extract, olive extract, adlay extract


How To Use

1. Apply the sheet to your skin and remove it after 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Absorb the remaining contents into your face

3. Put remaining contents of the pouch on any dry area such as the face, neck, or body


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