Homme All-In-One Moisturizer


Whitening, Wrinkle Care (2)




This is a one-step, All-in-One Type skincare product for men that takes care of all stages, such as aftershave, skin, lotion, cream, etc. at the same time.

This is an emulsion without the use of an emulsifier, but rather a Gel Matrix System that provides a light usage sensation without stickiness.

Ultra-hydrating moisturizer with a soft formulation that quickly seeps into dry and rough skin and provides nutrients and hydration.

It strengthens the skin barrier Filaggrin and the water channel Aquaporin to help maintain healthy skin.



Italian Filaggrin complex, Tannin complex, Anti-Sebum P, Aqua GG


How To Use & Tips

Take an appropriate amount and evenly apply it onto the skin.


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