Brand Story



“To wake up your natural beauty is the real beauty.”

Inspired by Yoo Yang-hee, a creative director of ELROEL, and her beauty philosophy and ideology,

ELROEL starts to join all women on a journey to find their own beauty.


The 1st generation of make-up artist of South Korea


who has been in charge of celebrities and supermodels

The brand which her know-how is concentrated in

by Yoo Yang-hee participating in as a creative director

An expertise who is the best of skin expression

who has been loved by celebrities for 30 years

and presents natural dignity, elegant skin, and healthy natural beauty

by re-interpreting her know-how as a K-Beauty artist



“ELROEL Cosmetics Café”


A beauty atelier of Yoo Yang-hee

who is a beauty mentor and a make-up artist

“ELROEL Cosmetics Café”, a complex beauty culture space,

where you can meet trend-sensitive beauty, fashion, café at once

(Located in Hong-dae)




Laboratory “Planning – Developing – Designing” ELROEL products

Measurement on personal skin type

Consulting about skin health

Suggestion for individual make-up