Blanc Collagen Cream Mist


Whitening, Wrinkle Care (2)




 Cream mist contains 79.5% of French collagen extract  supplies moisture and nourishment to your skin with hydrate and radiant.

   As 'step 0' collagen care mist, it eliminates unnecessary steps and provides the maximum effects in quick and easy with minimal collagen care.

  Collagen drop granules are added using the Emollient Drop Technology so that you can feel the miniaturization of the cream and the oil and water balance, along with the fresh finishing of the moisturizing mist.

  Contains 79.5% of French collagen extract fills the skin with moisture and elasticity and gives the skin an outer shine and radiance.



Hydrolyzed collagen extract (collagen extract from France that gives moisture, elasticity, shine, and radiance.)


How To Use

1. Close your eyes and from 20~30 cm away from your face, spray evenly.

2. Lightly tap the contents for absorption.

3. Apply several times on areas that need moisturizing and radiance.

4. It can be used after cleansing and before/after makeup.







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