Camera Ready Cream


Wrinkle-Care, Whitening


(Moisture cream 20ml+Tone-up Cream 20ml)



 Combination of moisturizing cream and tone-up cream makes a girl-looking face with being pinkish and moist.

  It provides fine condition of skin easy to layer more make-up on by caring texture and tone.

  It can be mixed with other skin care products in a variety of different ways.



[Moisturizing Cream]

Acetylehexapeptide-8, VOLUFILINE™, Ceramide, Hydrolysed Collagen, Hyaluronic acid

[Tone-up cream]

Calamine powder, Jewelry complex (Amethyst /Diamond/ Pearl/ Ruby/ Sapphire/Tourmaline powder)


How To Use

Apply a certain amount at the end of skin care, and then make it absorbed well into skin dapping with hand or puff.


Use the 2 types of cream each or mixed together depending on the way you look.







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