Velluto Matt





#01 Fog Beige

#02 Mood in Rosa

#03 Vintage Mauve

#04 Burnt Tangerine

#05 Elroel Rosso

#06 Rich Plum



This is a velvet-finish blur lipstick with an emotional texture that will maximize your own mood through eye-catchingly rich colors.

It is lightly applied as if it were not even being worn, and it creates smooth and blurred-looking lips as if a primer was applied.

It is a My Lips But Vintage (MLBV) lipstick comprised of three soft colors and three intense colors that enable sensuous collaborations.

The irritation-free skin-plumping properties contained in the product create voluminous lips without irritation, even for sensitive skin, and its cottonseed oil provides a comfortable texture without dryness over time.



Cottonseed Oil, PLUMP Oleoactif (irritation-free plumping)


How To Use & Tips

After exposing an appropriate amount of the lipstick by turning the container, apply it gently following the lip line.







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