Chiffon Jelly Blusher




#01 Mellow Pink

#02 Awesome Coral



This is a jelly blusher with a fluffy, chiffon-like texture, which includes only the advantages of the powder and cream types, while  making up for their disadvantages.

It is a solid blusher with a see-through velvet texture that creates a transparent and clean appearance like watercolors by spreading a thin layer and it provides soft and matte finishes.

The Jewel Complex contained in the blusher covers the skin beautifully, and its amino acid, derivative-coated powder makes the skin smooth.

The puff-included mini pact used for the blusher makes it easy to carry and convenient to blend so that you can create natural-looking cheeks.



Jewel Complex powder coated with amino acid derivatives.


How To Use & Tips

After taking an appropriate amount with the puff, spread it over each cheek evenly, and finish it off by dabbing it lightly.


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