Blanc Cover Cream Stick


Whitening, Wrinkle Care, UV Protection

SPF 50+ PA+++




It is a reversible formula that changes from a cream to a foundation, which is the exclusive texture of ELROEL. It is a magic foundation stick which the color changes to your skin tone while having moisturizing power of the cream and covering power of the foundation.

  It contains ELROEL Blanc Pact in a stick container to upgrade its portability and convenience with a brush-in-one with fake hair made from Germany (32,000 hair).

  This stick foundation creates a natural skin tone with a smooth skin texture and excellent coverage, and contains collagen (22,000ppm), VOLUFILINE™, and desert plant + flower oil extracts to provide extreme volume and moisture.

  It lasts 50-hours moisture and glow and helps to cover wrinkles, dead skin cells, pores, blemishes, and eye bags, and improve cheek volumizing.



French collagen (22,000 PPM), VOLUFILINE™, Desert plant extract, Flower oil extract


How To Use

Apply appropriate amount of the stick part on the face, and gently brush with the brush part to apply.








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